The Depression Project

So I've had an idea for a new body of work, I feel that phrase does not give it justice, but I'm going to need a lot of help from brave volunteers. I've been pretty open about my struggles with severe depression and from the responses I've gotten, I am far from the only one who faces these battles. What I am asking is that you share those stories, confessions, fears, battles, mistakes, anything that has to do with either your own struggle or the difficulties of loving someone who suffers with mental health issues. Admissions can be completely anonymous or you can choose to put another face to the conversation it is entirely up to you. I plan to turn everything I receive into a visual narrative, connecting all the fractured stories into an exhibition and then hopefully a book which will donate a significant percentage of sales to charities and research. If you choose to participate please type, doodle, photograph or write your submission and mail it to:

The Depression Project: 2710 Detroit ave Suite 4 Cleveland, OH 44113.

You can also email your submission to as well, but I would prefer hand written or typed submissions.

If you wish to maintain anonymity simply omit any names or return addresses you may also choose a pseudonym . I ask that all submissions be sincere and as honest as possible, nothing is off limits and there is no judgement. I appreciate what I am asking for will not be easy so if you do choose to participate thank you sincerely.

The Depression Project 2017