Do you accept commissions?

Absolutely! A significant amount of my work has been commissions!


What do I need to start a non-traditional family portrait?

Typically all I need is several photographs of all people and animals or props to be included plus any other additional pertinent information color schemes, themes etc. Finally I require at least a 50% deposit to get started on any project.


What is the turnaround time for a commission?

This can vary greatly when all variables are considered, but for right now all family portraits will be completed in two weeks or less. All custom children's books are between 3-4 weeks.


Do you ship?

I can ship anywhere you are as long as you cover the cost of shipping!


What do I need for a custom children's book?

To get started I will need a few things, several photos of the child or children, a brief description of their temperament, and finally hobbies and interests so I can tailor the story to your child or children! Finally I require a deposit of at least 50%.