The Depression Project;

My evolving depression has become a nearly all consuming affliction, increasingly isolating me, sometimes subconsciously but mostly by choice. It is this isolation, I feel, to be one of the most insidious aspects of this disease. This sense of otherness, abnormality, separation, and disconnection gave birth to the Depression Project. This is my attempt to take moments of desperation, isolation, self-hatred, hopelessness, everything that is part of either suffering from, or loving those who are afflicted by any type of mental health issue. 

I want to state emphatically and unequivocally, I am not a mental health professional. If you are in serious crisis I implore you; reach out to a professional, a loved one, text "connect" to 741741 the the National Suicide Hotline, or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 24/7 at 1-800-273-8255. 

What I am asking for:

Anecdotes, confessions, failures, losses, lies, stories of pain, hopelessness, desperation, panic, embarrassment, triumph, love, literally anything that has to do with your personal struggles or those of a loved one who suffers with mental health issues. Please keep in mind that I will be creating a work of art from each submission, so if you can try and keep that narrative aspect in mind when crafting your submission that would be immensely helpful.

How you can share your narrative:

You can submit anonymously if you so choose, there is no judgement or preference in submission format. You can use audio, video, handwritten, typed, doodled, postcard, email, carrier pigeon, however you feel comfortable so long as its not dangerous to anyone involved and in accordance with laws applicable to mailing things. 

Where you can submit:

Good old fashioned snail mail:

The Depression Project

2710 Detroit Avenue 

Suite Number 4

Cleveland OH 44113



(Feel free to attach any applicable files or photos)

(As of right now submission deadline is Nov/1/2017)

What becomes of your submission:

My purpose is to turn each submission into a work of art. That work may be in the form of an animation, painting, drawing, sculpture, mixed media etc. Each submission will be treated with the utmost respect, empathy, compassion, love and will only be seen by me. Original narratives will not be shared with any third party. My hope is that upon completion there will be a full gallery exhibition and hopefully a book which will donate all profits to mental health research. I am fully aware of what I am asking for and I thank you sincerely, emphatically, and unabashedly in advance to all who choose to submit. I feel one of the true insidious dangers of depression is this isolation, it is my hope that through this sharing we can see how none of us who suffer in silence are truly alone.  


The Depression Project is still very much in its infancy and like an infant it will grow into a force, a voice for all of us who are suffering from this disease.


You are not alone.