Making the world slightly less mediocre.



Artist's Statement


I would like to preface this statement with the fact that I feel it nearly impossible to not come off as a pretentious prick when writing these, that said I can do the reader the service of saying everything that follows is heartfelt and genuine.

I have always felt that the true aim of any work of art may it be visual, musical or poetic has one altruistic aim, to give the viewer a chance to not feel completely alone. I feel that we are such an insular species in that we all spend much of our time in our own heads, viewing the world with our own perspectives and biases. That we, as these insular creatures, can spend a great amount of time with loved ones and family, but no one will ever be inside our heads, no one can ultimately know us, our fears, our hopes, our prejudices, our idiosyncrasies. Yet I have come to believe that true art, art worth sharing, is a rare experience when a viewer and an artist can come together and share something beyond language, a fleeting moment where the walls can come down and we can feel that we are not alone. That our joys, sufferings, accomplishments, are things that we share, we have all felt the full gamut of emotions, and this moment can create a joy and confirmation that can only truly be understood outside the confines of language.



Here's a review of my solo exhibition "Obsolete"

“...he renders a series of robotic characters in a cartoonish style, yet still manages to inspires real pathos.”
— Joseph Clark, Scene Magazine

Reminiscent of being a child, with stark contrasts between bright colors and sometimes dark subject matter, the viewer is left with feelings of the uncertainty of childhood with the comfort of a bowl of cereal and Saturday morning cartoons.
— John K, Artist, Musician, Philosopher, Hetero-Lifemate
This one makes me grin uncontrollably.
— Dr. Chris Ryan